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Our market sites

Our history

  1. We announce our intention of acquiring TDC, one of the strongest B2B service providers in Sweden.

    Allison Kirkby, President & Group CEO expands:

    “The acquisition of TDC Sweden is consistent with our strategy to be champions of customer value for both consumers and businesses. This deal is a unique opportunity for Tele2 to build scale and expand its range of services in the B2B market, it is hugely complementary to our existing Swedish business, and it allows us to meet the global trend of large B2B customers demanding a wider range of communication & network services. For our shareholders, the combination of Tele2 and TDC Sweden unlocks significant value creation from synergies.”

  2. We finalized our joint venture with Kazakhtelecom’s mobile business, Altel, in Kazakhstan. Creating a strong player with more than 6 million subscribers and a market share of around 23%.

  3. In November of 2015 we announced the launch of our brand new LTE-Advanced 4G network in the Netherlands. Offering our customers a great user experience with speeds up to 225 Mb/Sec, HD voice and noise reduction.

  4. The Board of Directors appointed Allison Kirkby as the new CEO of Tele2 AB from 1 September 2015. Allison Kirkby succeeded Mats Granryd who left the company after five successful years. 

  5. Tele2 ranked first in corporate transparency reporting

    The study was conducted by Transparency International Sweden and concluded that Tele2 AB ranks number one in the aggregated index, both in the Swedish as well as in an international context. The study analyzed corporate reporting against three main metrics: anti-corruption, organizational transparency and the disclosure of key financial information on a country-by-country basis.

  6. Tele2 Sweden launched its new game changing commercial concept,Tele2.0, including changes such as no binding periods, a one-subscription solution, trial periods for both B2C and B2B customers, and removed expiry date for all top-ups. 

  7. Mats Granryd, CEO and President of the Tele2 Group, adds clarity to the Norwegian deal during an analyst and journalist conference call. Skeppsbron, June.

    Mats Granryd, CEO and President of the Tele2 Group, adds further clarity to the Norwegian deal during an analyst and journalist conference call. Skeppsbron, July 2014. 

    Tele2 initiated a strategic review of Tele2 Norway following the unfortunate outcome of the license auction concerning 4g spectrum in Norway. The review resulted in Tele2 agreeing to sell its Norwegian business to TeliaSonera for an Enterprise Value of SEK 5.1 billion, equivalent to a cash value of SEK 5.3 billion. 

  8. Tele2 AB announced the successful completion of its sale of Tele2 Russia to VTB Group, resulting in a capital gain of SEK 14.9 billion.

  9. Tele2 Netherlands announced the results of the network procurement for the 4G roll-out in the country.

  10. Tele2 Sweden maintained its lead in developing the best 4G network in Sweden. The company also launched the first Multiple Operator Core Network on 2G in the world – a shared radio access network –and thereby created a reference point for cost efficiency.

  11. In the Netherlands, Tele2 obtained 2x10 MHz licenses in the 800 MHz band during a multiband frequency auction.

  12. In March, Tele2 Sweden was awarded a mobile license of 2x10 MHz in the 800 MHz frequency band through the network company Net4Moblity for approx. SEK 769 million.

  13. Commercial launch of the Tele2 brand in Kazakhstan was completed in 12 regions.

  14. Mobile phones are becoming a key communication tool, not only for voice communication but increasingly for e-mail, chats, social media and other online dialogues.

  15. Tele2 expands its operation into Eurasia with the acquisition of mobile operations in Kazakhstan.

  16. Tele2 is awarded licenses in 20 new regions in Russia.

  17. It becomes evident that regulatory conditions make it impossible for Tele2 to continue the expansion course that we have entered upon. Hence, we start our ‘First Revolution’, i.e. stepping up the focus on mobile telephony and the markets with the most potential.

  18. Tele2 acquires Austrian telecom operator UTA and strengthens the position in the corporate segment.

  19. Tele2’s first GSM network in Russia is launched.

  20. Jan Stenbeck, Tele2’s founder and Chairman, passes away at the age of 59.