Times are changing

Times are always changing - sometimes not fast enough.

Take a mature market such as Sweden: in a bid to steal a few more customers, the telecoms have been overloading customers with offers which are almost impossible to compare. Everybody is claiming the lowest price - and we know we've played a key role in this.

But enough is enough. Now it's time for change.

We began by scrapping all our different forms of subscriptions, now we have just one and it's flexible enough for everyone. Then, because we don't want people to feel trapped, new accounts come with a 30 day trial period and there are no expire dates on top-ups. And above all, there's no binding agreement to say how long you stay with us. You're free to choose a different provider whenever you like - or stay with us as long as we can satisfy your needs.

Bigger buckets of data to the rescue

We’ve decided the people in the Netherlands have been paying way too much money for data, and it’s time for change. The Netherlands is another mature market where the increase in data services demands the best 4G network in the world. So by leveraging what proved successful on the Swedish market, we are now able to offer great speeds of data transfer and great coverage using our 4G LTE-advanced network. And by making the data bundles much bigger – still at the lowest prices – this means there’s no need for people to feel anxious about using mobile data services anymore.

M2M - also known as the Internet of Things

Machine-to-machine communication is no longer a fantasy, but we’ve only just started to explore its growth potential. With dedicated platforms and people, the Tele2 IoT offer means countless strategic options for all sorts of organisations and companies. A well implemented solution can bring cost optimisations, new revenues, improved quality of service and not least, reduced environmental impact.

Learn more about our IoT offer here

5G underway - the biggest breakthrough yet

As the Internet of Things becomes more real each day, its estimated that 50 million devices will soon be communicating with each other. This means data transmission speeds will have to take a quantum leap to keep up. Tele2 is of course involved in defining this fifth-generation technology with the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) alliance. If all goes well it will be reality in 2020.

Tele2s Head of Technology Strategy and Architecture, Thomas Björklund, explains that 5G wont just transmit data faster but also smarter.‘‘Together with a smarter net it will comply when and where different speeds and capacities are needed – allowing things like self-driving cars to share bandwidth with other technologies and smartphone users. Apart from the massive opportunities within IoT, were looking at new user benefits such as how to access more data at a lower cost.’’

To find out more about Tele2s intentions for 5G, click here