The Tele2 brand

A tight-fisted rebel with disruptive tendencies.

Okay, so we've been known to be cheap. In truth, the economical side of our personality is what's allowed us to offer customers the lowest price. Now the market needs better and smarter solutions, this same quality lets us give customers what they really need - for less. So sure, our brand is tight-fisted. Or as we prefer to say, value driven. It's in our entrepreneurial bloodline, which brings us to the rebel who started Tele2.

Jan Stenbeck was never the sort to carry a gun. But he had a sharp mind and a talent for turning impossible situations into big opportunities. Like the state monopoly on telephony - which he turned on its head to make mobile telephony accessible to the masses. Of course, when looking for a breakthrough, you may have to disrupt the status quo to find one.

So how come Tele2 continue to go well, when its brand is defined by such disagreeable qualities? Could it be the American-Swedish thing - a result of both Jan and Cristina Stenbeck living in the Big Apple? Maybe some type of proactive culture that attracts winning people? Or is it the modernity, equality and transparency that has blossomed in the new organisation? Probably not. 

For a challenger brand to keep moving through the decades requires a sense of purpose. A reason for being that goes beyond facilitating communication, beyond voice and data.

For us it is the belief that our job is to liberate people from the technological nonsense of everyday life.

This is who we are and what we're here for. And the Tele2 brand will continue to exist for as long as the telecom industry can do more to make life better for the customer.

In fact, each and every one of us is sworn to this task. To learn more, explore the Tele2 Way. 

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