Our footprint

Where we operate

Tele2’s footprint includes both emerging and mature markets with its
most sizeable operations in Sweden, the Baltics, the Netherlands and

Sweden and the Baltics are categorized as established
markets with strong cash generation and a strategic focus on data
monetization; they make up what we call our Baltic Sea Challengers.
The Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Croatia are categorized as Tele2’s
Investment Markets. In the Netherlands, significant investments have
been made to support the growth of the 4G customer base on the back
of the 4G launch. In Kazakhstan Tele2 is, after completing the jointly
owned company between Tele2 Kazakhstan and Altel, focused on
integrating the two businesses and creating a sustainable and strong
number three operator. The markets where we play are diverse in
terms of culture, economics and competitive pressure but they share
the universal trend towards increased connectivity and mobility.

These markets are in different phases of maturity when it comes
to mobile usage and demand for mobile services. They also have
cultural, economic and competitive differences. Despite this, they
share the universal trend towards mobility and mobile data, which is
evident in all Tele2 countries. Tele2’s position and strategic priorities
vary across its footprint and while there are important local differences,
Tele2’s “How we win choices” support the overall objective for the
Group and go beyond the local context, and thus apply to all countries
where Tele2 operates.

Read more about our footprint in the Annual Report.