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Welcome to Tele2.

And to a career site like no other.

Here you will find challenging jobs with one of Europe’s fastest growing telecom operators. (At last count, we had 17 million customers in 8 countries.)

Our success is largely the result of a strong challenger mindset. Because that’s what we are: challengers. Every day, we confront incumbents, outdated business models and narrow-minded ideas.

We are all about embracing change, moving fast, taking initiatives, focusing on results, being straightforward, celebrating victories – and having fun. We believe the connected life is a better life, and so our aim is to make connectivity increasingly accessible to our customers, no matter where or when they need it.

Also, Tele2 is part of Kinnevik, a group of more than 50 companies operating in over 80 countries worldwide, in vibrant industries like telecom, media and online. This provides unique career opportunities for all of our people.

To see if some of those opportunities might be right for you, just scroll down the list below.

Allison Kirkby
President and CEO


Employment City Application deadline
Tele2 Inhouse Account Manager, B2B Malmö May 28, 2018
Produktchef Hybrid Cloud Stockholm May 28, 2018
Kundservice till företagskunder på Tele2s huvudkontor Kista May 28, 2018
Jobba extra på Tele2 på Götgatsbacken! Stockholm May 29, 2018
Chief BI & Big Data Solution Architect Stockholm May 30, 2018
UX specialist @ Tele2 Kista May 31, 2018
Nätverkskonsult till Falun! Falun May 31, 2018
Senior Frontend Architect Göteborg May 31, 2018
Software Developer to Tele2 IoT Göteborg May 31, 2018
IoT Solution Consultant Scandinavia Göteborg May 31, 2018
Manager IT Infrastructure PD & Support – Cloud Solutions Stockholm May 31, 2018
Jobba extra på Tele2 i Mall of Scandinavia! Solna Jun 1, 2018
Säljare till Tele2 i Bromma! Bromma Jun 1, 2018
Jobba med kundservice på Tele2s huvudkontor i Stockholm! Eskilstuna Jun 1, 2018
Säljare till Tele2 i Uppsala! Uppsala Jun 4, 2018
Jobba extra på Tele2 i Uppsala! Uppsala Jun 4, 2018
Java System Developer Kista Jun 5, 2018
Information Security Manager Stockholm Jun 5, 2018
Butikschef till Tele2 i Solna! Solna Jun 6, 2018
IoT Bid Manager Kista Jun 8, 2018
Tele2 söker en Administratör inom orderregistrering Stockholm Jun 8, 2018
Tele2 Systemspecialist MICCE Göteborg / Västra Sverige Jun 8, 2018
Cloud Engineer IT Infrastructure – Cloud Solutions Stockholm Jun 8, 2018
Nätverkstekniker för driftsättning av Internet- & IP-VPN Kista Jun 10, 2018
Leveranstekniker till Tech Support Networking Solutions Stockholm Jun 10, 2018
Business Analyst to Tele2 Stockholm Jun 13, 2018
Tele2 söker en Global Account Manager – Vodafone Kista Jun 14, 2018
Web analyst @ Tele2 Kista Jun 17, 2018
Erfaren Java-utvecklare @ Tele2 B2B Kista Jun 29, 2018
Erfaren .NET-utvecklare @ Tele2 B2B Kista Jun 29, 2018
Can’t find the right position? Maybe we can! Kista Aug 20, 2018