Are you a student

Combining studies and work isn’t easy, but it sure can be worth it.

We appreciate hard work, dedication and most of all – willingness to strive and challenge yourself. We will give you an opportunity to grow, to reach new heights and celebrate victory. These are not just words.

For students we offer flexible working hours. We are all people here. Everything can and will be arranged in the best way possible for you and us. Lectures in the morning? No problem – add a couple of hours at the end of your shift. The main goal is to get things done.

We are all people here.

We respect active people who are happy to take up new challenges, who have a solution ready even before a problem has occurred. We respect those who offer a helping hand before being asked. We enjoy working with open and honest fighters. Free minds who opt for the "best" instead of the "usual". We enjoy working with people who can admit when a challenge is too great, and turn to their colleagues for advice. We appreciate the ability to adapt and learn quickly.

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