Personal message from our GM

Before you knock on this door, let us tell you what’s behind it.

At Tele2 Shared Service Center we have more than 650 of the sharpest IT and telecommunication specialists onboard. We take care of billing and other services for the Tele2 Group companies and their 16 million customers in 9+1 countries.

So we’re an international crew. One that’s expected to keep on finding better ways to meet the challenges of our fast moving world. And we succeed. Which is why we do what we can to be a great employer. We have seen that if we help our people to carry on growing, they help the business to carry on growing.

Many of us came to our base here in Latvia to work for just a year or two. We found an openminded yet competitive culture with a strong team spirit. We came from Belarus and Sweden, Estonia and Croatia, India and Lithuania. And we stayed on much longer with our Latvian colleagues, as our jobs turned into careers.

So go ahead and knock if you’re ready to help us find new ways to do what we do: To make things smarter and easier for Tele2 and its 16 million customers. Just don’t be surprised if you find more than you came looking for.

A warm welcome to Tele2 SSC,
Kim Leandersson, Acting General Manager