Who are you and what do you eat?

Have you ever wondered how your phone works and how you get your calls and so on? Well... that’s down to us.

Tele2 Shared Service Center is a company within the Tele2 AB group. We focus our activities on the telecommunication system service, maintenance, testing and development for all Tele2 group companies.

In which countries are you operating?

We are proud to say that our services are needed in 9 countries – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Kazakhstan.

Where are you located?

Tele2 SSC headquarters can be found in Latvia, Riga. In a beautiful city that is growing day-by-day and does not sleep at night, just like us.

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How are you connected to Tele2?

Tele2 AB group is, you can say, a home for Tele2 Shared Service Center, which means that we help in maintaining and developing all services for Tele2 group companies. We provide support to various Tele2 systems, such as customer management, accounting services, payment solutions for prepaid and postpaid systems that provide ongoing call, data and other service records within the Tele2 network.

How many employees do you have at the moment?

Right now there are 650 challengers, as we like to call our employees. We already feel 10 feet tall, because we began with only 9 employees and look where we are now!

What type of vacancies do you have?

There isn’t just one type of vacancy. We are growing, expanding and trying something new every day. If you are interested, click here to check out our latest job openings. If you didn’t find any position that suits you now, check in after a while – we update this information constantly.

What benefits do you offer your employees?

1. An exciting & stimulating workplace with career opportunities in a stable, though fast growing company with more than 650 employees in Riga;

2. A salary that will drive & motivate you, together with continuous development;

3. Friendly, professional & ready-to-help colleagues in an international environment;

4. All social guarantees, health insurance, mobile phone & paid phone bills;

5. Living the Tele2 WAY – Quality, Open, Flexible, Cost Conscious, Action & Challenge.

Do you organize any conferences or events at an organizational level?

New Year Party, Summer Games, After Work Parties, internal tournaments (Novus, Healthy Spring, etc), Yearly Division-related conferences, Informative quarterly meetings with everyone invited. We have fun and learn new things just as enthusiastically as we work.

Why would I want to work in your company?

There are a million reasons why, but we will give you 6, the most important ones:

1. We don’t see problems. We see only challenges. Everything that we do is based on challenging ourselves in all ways possible;

2. We are the ones who don’t fear risks and taking action. We like to be proactive and always provide the best solution;

3. We are cost conscious – we are smart about our decisions and we want the best results, which don’t include an outrageous amount of money;

4. We want to create an open environment for everyone that works in Tele2 SSC. We are humble, honest and straightforward. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy the time spent here;

5. We love the ever evolving world around us. We believe that what won’t change, will perish;

6. Our job is to give the best quality to every customer, we want to meet their expectations in our work. Happy customers make us happy! So we are happy every day and are very proud of that.

Which language is being used in your company?

We speak, read, write and (some of us) think in English.

What does your office look like?

We have 5,000m2 of pure technology. The office is buzzing from the ongoing action from our departments. Everyone (yes, even the bosses) are just a couple of meters away so that we all can work in a free and open environment. 

How diverse is your workforce in terms of gender & nationalities?

35% of our employees are women and the top languages spoken are Latvian, Russian and English. We are all human beings, enthusiastic and open-minded.