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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jan 13, 2016 8:12 AM CET


Welcoming our 500th team member, we could not go without saying a few words on how we got here.

A big family
500 might seem a lot or a handful to some. Being an important milestone for us, it is not just about the number. What counts is the culture, work ethics, performance and attitude these 500 people share within our team. One of the ways to channel the values and goals is by our Ambassadors.
Tele2 SSC’s Ambassador Program replaced Recruitment Bonus in March, 2015. It aims to highlight and reward individuals who have gone that extra mile in representing SSC as a great place to work.

Ambassadors represent Tele2 Way by setting an example by their positive experience and inviting others to join our team.
So far more than 100 SSC employees have taken part in Ambassador Program, recommending 166 potential candidates. We are happy to say we have welcomed 28 new members into our great family thanks to Ambassadors alone!

Our 500th employee is Janis Makulens who starts working on January 11th in NOC, which is the fastest growing department in SSC. Janis is very active and social, quickly making friends here at SSC.

• Janis is studying Telecommunications.
• When in search for a job, he was looking for a position in telecommunications so he could use his knowledge in practice.
• He enjoys basketball and skiing – most weekends are spent doing one or the other!

In honour of our new employee, SSC held a Cupcake party on January 11th. What a great way to start a week!