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Our market sites

Our market sites

Mar 14, 2016 11:03 AM CET

A new platform for us

Setting our footprint in the arena of IT business, we are becoming more and more visible. Not being showy, we are never shying away from anyone who wants to step in where the action is.

It is a challenge nowadays to find a company or individual who is not using a social network of some sort. The meaning of communication and connections has been growing on businesses for some time now, gaining a more professional outlook.

LinkedIn, the business-oriented equal to Facebook, has gained recognition and importance for business communication. It serves as a global professional networking platform, acting as a database for both job seekers and head hunters worldwide. The number of user accounts reached 400 millions in the beginning of 2016 so it is safe to say – if you are not on LinkedIn, you are practically invisible.

Shared Service Center is making its mark on the global business of IT so it is most natural that we are also visible on the business map. Having to decide what to highlight as our strengths, we figured that it is simple– it is you!

LinkedIn allows you to create your professional business card that states your job title, gained work experience, allowing you to connect to business partners from around the globe and makes you well visible to the future employer or colleague.

As the number and responsibilities of our employees are growing, it deserves to be recognized. What better way to state our accomplishments and progress than showing the people behind the great work. We hope you are proud of working at SSC so we would like to encourage you to use the SSC’s LinkedIn page as an Ambassador! Be proud of your achievements and encourage others to reach new heights in professional life with your help.

On March 16th till 18th SSC will host a photoshoot for employees to create quality pictures that could be used on your profile. Don't miss this opportunity and register by March 15th.