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Our market sites

Jan 21, 2016 1:22 PM CET

Always in action!

We are all about action so while some prefer to start the year off slowly, we do not stop and work in full speed! The first week of 2016 was full of events.

Our values are our people
The first week of 2016 was closed with a splash – the annual SSC Awards took place on January 8th. The theme of the gala was Centenary Ball, letting us outlive the colourful and surprising time from 1915 – 2016.
Event was held at Riga Latvian Society House on a Friday night. The freezing temperature outside did not stop the guests from enjoying the solemn event. Ladies were turning heads in elegant dresses while men earned prises in brilliant suits.

In the opening speech, we heard words of gratitude and satisfaction for what was accomplished in 2015, seeing SSC growing in number and in power. By wishing the growth to continue, the event was officially open and the fun would begin.

SSC guests were spoiled with gastronomic masterpieces while enjoying entertainment program, allowing witnessing bits of last century's culture and art in musical performances. However, it was not all fun and games as there was a serious task for all – awarding the nominees in 8 categories.

6 of them represented the Tele2 Way and our values – Open, Active, Quality, Challenge, Flexible and Cost Conscious. Nominees were acknowledged for their outstanding performance and in each quality during the 2015. We are proud to say that Sanita Medne from Roaming & Device Management is a Challenger of year, Alina Pantelejeva from Central Service Desk is our Action lady, Arturs Bricis from Legacy Billing is the most Cost Conscious person in a team, Anastasija Garkavcenko from BSS Solutions is the most Open person, Armands Priede from NOC most flexible and Julija Jezova from Integration Change is a colleague that values Quality the most.

There were also other categories for team and individual achievements. The Rookie of the Year was awarded to Konstiantyn Makohoniuk from Internal Development; Legacy Billing team brought home award as The Best Team 2015. The Employee of the Year 2015 is Sergejs Preobrazenskis from Sales Maintenance and Change.

List of nominees and winners after the jump. Our gratitude and congratulations to all the colleagues!

We work hard but we also play hard – after the ceremony everybody enjoyed themselves on the dancefloor, some proving their flexible side, others showing of their challenging attitude in out-dancing the rest until the last song. The evening was spent with memorable moments and lots of fun. Pictures form the photo booth will follow soon.

We never fail to invent – new traditions start with us!
If there is one thing that we do best is challenge ourselves and others. This time Senate suggested having a new tradition for festive season, organising a Secret Santa movement. The idea itself is simple – each participant acts as a Secret Santa to surprise a co-worker with a gift.

Action was well greeted, involving 83 employees. Of course, the event could not be possible without involving some creativity and modern technology – Secret Santas were chosen randomly amongst all that had signed up, using smart programming. To keep it a secret, only Secret Santa him/herself received an e-mail containing details on the giftee. All Santas were able to slip gifts under the Christmas tree unnoticed, for our Administration team guarded it, keeping an eye on the secret deeds.

Oh, what a jolly day January 7th was at SSC! Although everyone was just back from Christmas break, in SSC celebration was still going on! Those having to pass by on 3rd floor were sure to find a way around not to disturb the jolly event. With the help of two Santas and our top -secret Snigurochka gifts were handed out leaving but just one question – who was your Secret Santa?

Can you guess?

See pictures from the event here.

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