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Our market sites

Feb 8, 2016 7:00 AM CET

Ambassadors program

Ambassador champions

Of all Ambassadors, three have outdone themselves, having recommended the most people to join SSC. The Top 3, based on Ambassador points, are:

1st place: 20 points – Arturs A Kalnins

2nd place: 15 points – Edvins Grigorjevs

3rd place: 14 points – Toms Lemesevskis

Valuable tips

 Arturs Kalnins, Support specialist in SSC, is the record holder with 20 points by inviting over 5 people of which 3 have remained to work after probation period, and two more are in the process of recruitment. Arturs says it is easy to represent SSC, having many great things to offer. He always talks with his friends and acquaintances that are in search for a job, pointing out just some of the key features characterising SSC.

What is behind Artur’s great success in being the Ambassador? First, he must have many friends. He also has a list of things to mention while telling people about SSC and now he is lucky enough to work among many of his friends.

-        Arturs never fails to mention the great environment with endless opportunities for growth and learning amongst helpful and open colleagues.

-        Arturs also tells about all the activities at SSC like Healthy Spring, Desktember, sports games, team events and many more.

-        People like to hear the fun stuff but it is always worth mentioning the benefits that comes with the position - such as health insurance, mobile phone and paid telecom services.

-        The stability that SSC can offer and ways to be recognized for achievements are one of the key themes to cover when positioning SSC as a great place to work in!

-        Business trips to one of Tele2 countries is an exciting element that many people find as an exclusive and the most exciting one.

Spread the word

 You are a part of one big family. You work with the best specialist in their field that happen to be also your friends. You are able to access the most modern technologies to make a change. There are many reasons why you could be proud for working at SSC.

One way to celebrate this is by becoming an Ambassador, populating your workplace amongst your friends and acquaintances while also challenging yourself to become the best SSC Ambassador! See all vacancies available here and encourage your friends to apply.

See for Ambassador Program details and January 2016 results* here.

* Information is available only for Tele2 Shared Service Center employees.