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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jun 8, 2016 12:49 PM CET

Best office is an OPEN office

As SSC has grown to over 550 employees and still counting, the new office building was the hottest topic around the office for quite some time now. With the smell of freshness and “something new” still lingering in the air, we are celebrating the grand opening of THE new building! 

42 Mukusalas Street is now the home for more than 200 SSC employees with more coming in the nearest future. Being located in the historic area of former Carl Zeiss factory, the ambitious project bears the air of innovation - it unites contemporary design, functionality and Tele2 values.

The opening was honoured by a visit of Minister of Economics of Republic of Latvia, Arvils Aseradens. Minister congratulated SSC on the impressive growth in turnover and income, highlighting the contribution in Latvian economics and labour market alike.

Focusing on ergonomics and functionality, the new building offers comfort at workplace with adjustable tables and chairs, rest areas and kitchens on each floor. There are 13 new conference rooms bearing the names chosen by employees – e.g. Starcraft, Civilization and Quake.

Explore the pictures of our new premises!