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Our market sites

Jun 13, 2016 1:22 PM CET

Beware, Pirates of SSC on the move!

Typically pirates are known as the sea wolves and are hardly ever expected anywhere besides their ship’s deck or local tavern. Well, on June 10th the green fields of Turbas experienced some serious raids of our sporty pirates as almost 300 employees attended Summer Games of 2016!

The non-stop rain did not scare our brave pirates – all 23 teams went on about their challenges with enthusiasm and courage. All six challenges saw full attention and involvement from teammates, being recognized as some of the friendliest and best organized teams witnessed by organizers. Talk about the famous pirate misbehaviour…

Still, pirates will be pirates and some team gold was stolen, and some was claimed. For those not watching over their team’s treasure box the loss was quite significant but that only fired up the fighting spirit of all teams. The award ceremony saw all teams lined up with very tight scores, proving that it is hard to crown the best when everyone is the best!

Still, winners must be announced. The winner’s gold with 103 (with 120 being the maximum) points was claimed by “AHOY”. 2nd place was awarded to “BFG” while the bronze medals went home with the members of “The seven-legged octopus”. 

As most of the action was held on the various battle fields, let us not forget about the quiet wars of mind games and schemes on the rear. Some pirates felt it best to battle in various activities – in football, volleyball, basketball, various board games and cards.

We hope you share the good memories and emotions. Thank you to all who took part and who worked hard to make it happen! Here, have a peek in pictures and videos of the event and see you next year!