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Our market sites

Sep 4, 2015 4:47 PM CET

An SSC tradition is born – the first ever Sysadmin Day

July 31st 2015 began like any other Friday at SSC – but something was happening. There were more smiles than usual, more positive and grateful words were flying around. Sysadmin Day had just been invented…

Let’s back up
You know how it is with System Administrators – the people we call on when the system freezes in the middle of an important task? Well our folks in Administration decided enough was enough – we can’t let those specialists and technicians carry on being unappreciated while everything runs smoothly …only to call on them the moment it goes wrong!

And this is how SSC invented a new celebration and Friday 31st July became the first ever Sysadmin Day. Liana Biezbarde, System Manager from Business and CO Solution, couldn’t hide the fact that everyone was pleasantly surprised. “Probably no one knows what are we doing here,” Liana said with a laugh.

The biggest surprise of all
It seems that at first the heroes of the day were confused by all the commotion. As Ilmars Parols, Siebel Maintenance Team Leader, put it,

“Usually a job well done is mutually congratulated between group members, but such celebration is definitely welcome!”

The campaign was announced a few days before by posters around the office and everyone was invited to share their gratitude with a special postcard.

Tatjana Riblova, System Manager at CRM Solution, was still able to feel the vibes even after a couple of days. “I was very surprised and had many positive emotions!” Tatjana was on a leave but heard from her team, with pictures shared on both Yammer and Facebook.

The first of many
Showing some appreciation to the people who unnoticeably keep our systems running was the main idea behind the celebration. But there is another aspect which is important for SSC: uniting colleagues from different departments who are doing a great job together. Hopefully, this is just the first Sysadmin Day and July 31st will be a day to look forward to for many years to come.