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Sep 4, 2015 4:47 PM CET

SSC in Riga – a hidden strength enters the limelight

Not one to brag, Tele2 Shared Service Center is getting some positive attention. A case in point is the recent interview with Kim Leanderson in “Dienas Bizness.”

An up-and-coming organization model
In this first Latvian interview with Leanderson, the acting manager of Tele2 Shared Service Center (SSC) expresses the main advantages of having a shared service center in Latvia. This type of centralized support has gained more popularity in the field over the years, proving itself effective and cost conscious.

SSC acts as a second level support focusing on technical issues and keeping a wide spectrum of competences. Yet somehow SSC has managed to stay in the background, rarely being acknowledged for its accomplishments. He adds:

“IT is rarely considered – that is, until it goes wrong!” Leanderson laughs. “We are more like an invisible office.” 

Work ethics and communication valued most highly
Typically such divisions are located in Asian countries such as India and the Philippines. But Latvia was chosen for its cultural background, which is a lot like Swedish, and for its neighbouring location. Leanderson also mentioned gains such as high work ethics and excellent language skills, making Riga the top choice among other cities.

Responsibilities previously handled in Sweden were gradually handed over to SSC in Riga during 2010 and 2011 – when Tele2 Billing became Tele2 SSC. Now SSC supports all nine Tele2 countries with IT and technical know-how. Competition remains fierce, but SSC keeps moving forward, embracing structural change and growing in people power.

Read the article (in Latvian) at Dienas Business portal.
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