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Our market sites

Oct 19, 2015 9:34 PM CET

Challenging the bright minds

Acting in IT and telecommunications, SSC has grown to become one of the leaders in the field. With almost 500 employees it is still growing with over 30 vacancies available in different fields of expertise. It is a great place for new specialists to work, gain experience and build career in challenging environment. With focus on technology and modern solutions, SSC is going out in search for those that are willing to take the plunge!

But where to find the young and the bold?

On October 15th Latvian University (LU) held the annual Career Day for the eleventh time! Event allows companies meet their future employees and lets students explore jobs and opportunities in different fields.

Challengers welcome!
Even the greatest minds need fuel, especially in the morning, and we understand that. That is exactly why we greeted students by the entrance of LU with hot and delicious cups of coffee to invite students to take part in the event held later in day. As always, we managed to spark some serious interest and expected a flow of curious young people willing to get to know us better throughout the day.

SSC was one of over 40 company representatives that welcomed the bright minds of Latvia, attracting a lot of attention from the young. SSC team was one to really stand out with both our fun and positive personalities as well as colourful wear.

Who best to represent the company if not our greatest experts: Kim Leanderson, Artūrs Kalniņš, Zane Svece, Oļegs Verjovkins, Aiga Lazdiņa, Toms Lemeševskis, Pāvels Urbanovičš, Dace Kahanovska, Maksims Nemčenko, Elīna Erliha, and Anastasija Garkavčenko. Our colourful team answered all the questions from students and encourage them to explore the world of technology and superb teamwork.

Even if some students were shy at start, with the welcome of our experts they were taking active role in our activities and enjoyed talking with our team, discovering possibilities in their work of study and future job.

As always, we challenged you to challenge us!

Exciting fights in technology field
To clear things up – the fights were held in a purely joyful and fun atmosphere but not without the help of technologies – we value our technologies very much, after all! We love our job but we also love fun – which is why we invited students to challenge us in a radio controlled iRobot fight that would let students express their adventurous nature and love of challenge.

Altogether, over hundred fights were taking place between LU students and SSC Experts. No one went home a loser - everyone had lots of fun and over 100 students got registered and invited to visit SSC in November!

After proving themselves in the technical battlefield, a large group of students were invited to a Get to know Tele2 SSC brunch that will take place on November 2nd in SSC premises. Meeting will allow everyone explore the exciting job life here at SSC and perhaps help them decide to join our team! Expect to see a lot of new faces in the corridors of SSC in the following weeks!

P.S. Visit our facebook page and have a look at more photos from the event here.