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Our market sites

Our market sites

Oct 29, 2015 8:36 AM CET

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

Tele2 Hack day is approaching – save the time on November 10th and take part in the most creative day at Tele2!

Have a project? Make it happen!
Hack day might just be the most anticipated event here at Tele2. Do not see why not – it is a whole day dedicated to ideas, inventions, experiments and smart solutions! You get to create a team or take part in any group and spend time in the company of your colleagues and creative students. And of course, there is an after party!

Tele2 Hack Day takes place in Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Teams in Sweden and Latvia also invite students to participate and share their ideas – we encourage fresh and bold ideas that come from outside.

Sometimes we get the best ideas when we are not concentrating on the problem – in the shower, while driving or jogging, while cooking or spending time in line at the counter. Do not let these ideas go missing – your idea might be just what is needed to make our job easier and more fun! Tell us about it and see it becoming alive – best ideas always get awarded the chance to be implemented!

Your project can be work related or not, it is up to you. Feel free to suggest an after work activity that your colleagues can take part in. Happy, engaged and creative employees is what makes Tele2 a great place to work!

Tossing all doubts aside
Still in doubt? See just a couple of great examples of how excellent ideas became a common activity at Tele2:

Tele2 Healthy Spring – a project started at Hack Day and gained lots of followers. People from both SSC and Tele2 Latvia engaged in various sporty activities to maintain good health and try different disciplines. The competition was tough and best athletes were rewarded afterwards. 

Meeting room tool. Well, you probably have experienced the stress while trying to book a room for your meeting. It is all a history now thanks to our colleagues who created this useful app, pairing technology with practical purpose.

SSC Movie – a Hollywood-y master piece created here at SSC, giving the viewer a little inside of the everyday life here at SSC. The great job done, the cost that are always kept low, challenges we are not afraid of and, of course, fun we are having. In case you have not seen it – watch now!

SSCopoly – our own little brain teaser! An exciting board game letting you win, using SSC principles. Available for everyone for a good time spent in a friendly atmosphere at SSC.

A common Photo storage
– a place where everyone at Tele2 can store and share the brightest moments from the team, activity and event. 

Creativity welcome!
The next great idea might be yours! Now – to the practical part.

Sign up on hackday.tele2.net. Be fast, applications accepted till October 30. Sign up your team or join a group on a project.

If you see yourself in making the world a better place for children, consider joining “Tele2 Hack day joins Reach for Change”. More on the organization and goals here.