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Our market sites

Our market sites

Oct 3, 2016 9:39 AM CET

Family of 600 challengers

This year has been quite hectic for us - full of challenges and new team members constantly joining our big family. To be more exact, during this year we have recruited 123 IT& Telecommunications positions, 19 Finance positions 15 (Others- M2M, HR, Administration, Facility, Sales). No wonder why we remain to be called the fastest growing ICT company in Latvia. 

And already today at 9 AM our office was entered by employee 600th. And to celebrate this milestone achieved, we have prepared a great bunch of delicious donuts for everyone!​

The recipe for our success - The Challenger spirit. Our urge to constantly challenge the industry, the status quo and not least ourselves. It also expresses our wish to attract people who are like us. But who, at the same time, dare to challenge us – our ways and our beliefs – and thereby help us develop further.

And this is exactly what we will continue doing together with all your help - focus on operational excellence. We have grown a lot in numbers the last couple of years but we now need to also harvest the benefits out of this scale. We need to focus on optimizing the processes across countries and support systems.

We will continue growing as Shared Operations will play more and more important role within Tele2 AB, but the pace will slow down. Therefore we won't guess when another celebration of Employee #700 will take place :)