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Our market sites

Jun 19, 2017 1:09 PM CET

First week internship experience

Summer internship is a great way to show yourself as a young professional who is capable of working in a dynamic environment. This describes three young professionals – Beāte, Dāvids and Elīna who all are interns at Tele2 Shared Service Center Accounting department. 

Last year's Summer Internship program was a real success. Students loved it and by the end of summer we hired more than 50% of our interns. Therefore this year our internship program expanded and we have invited 23 interns to spend their summer working in Accounting, Marketing, IT and Purchase & Facility teams. So far only few weeks has passed since the start of the internship, nevertheless Elīna, Beāte and Dāvids have already something to share with all of you!

“Despite the fact, that we are only interns, we are treated as colleagues, which isn’t something that you can usually experience in a work place while having an internship. It definitely makes a tremendous difference and creates an environment in which you feel good and are willing to work “, says Beāte. When asked about communication all three interns agreed that if you have a problem there will always be a solution for it, you just have to be open, able to speak up and ask for help. “It leaves you with the impression that you aren’t alone, in contraty, that you are part of the team and together you will find the best solution possible”, says Elīna.

The one thing that was surprising for all of them was the community Tele2 SSC employees are having. Celebrating together birthdays and name days, participating in sports activities and many other events that brings colleagues together, creates positive and good vibes in the office. “It was surprising, because most of the events are hosted by the company and that it is the company which is putting a lot of effort to create this community”, says Elīna.

“So far, this internship has proven, that even if you might be in doubt if you are suitable for the vacancy and if you will have needed knowledge, it is worth trying. At the very beginning I wasn’t sure if accounting is something I like and will enjoy doing, but internship at Tele2 SSC has proven the opposite – theoretical knowledge used in real life is way more different and can be more exciting then you thought”, says Elīna.