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Our market sites

Nov 1, 2017 12:41 PM CET

Future of jobs - are we ready for it?

Future of jobs - how it will affect us and what are the best ways to prepare for the unknown? No one can tell for sure, and this is why we are opening a series of events "Tech Espresso" disruptive morning meet-ups to explore the world of automation and together look for ways how to be part of the changing society.

Last week Tele2 Shared Service Center organized the first meet-up "Tech Espresso" which was held at the University of Latvia. During the discussion, the participants talked about how the technological development influences different industries in Latvia nowadays and how professionals from different industries can prepare for changes in the labor market in future. Co-founder of the start-up Juro, a contract management tool, offering companies more efficient and easier way to integrate, negotiate, sign, and learn from contracts, Pāvels Kovaļēvičs was the guest of the morning discussion. Below, we have summarised conclusions of the discussion about changes within the legal sector and how people can adapt better to the presence of technologies in their professions.

A result for reasonable fee is expected for legal services

 According to Kovaļēvičs, the idea about the development of Juro first appeared already in the core of the law. This area is rather old-fashioned, lawyers and paralegals mainly look for and summarise information manually, and mostly work with paper materials, as well as they have limited knowledge of the use of technologies in their work. Contract management tool helps to be more efficient. "Previously lawyers were not interested in efficiency, as they were paid for the job done. Clients, in their turn, could choose either pay or no. However, nowadays, clients require changes, expect results for a reasonable fee and technologies allow that," said Kovaļēvičs. He also said that currently the legal area more and more supports the use of technologies, before lawyers did not use technologies at all.

Automation will free us from boring tasks in all industries

 According to Kovaļēvičs, we will always need lawyers who are able to control machines, however, those who will be able to adapt to new thinking and understanding of the use of technologies in their work. Without a doubt, automation will result in comparatively many people losing their jobs; however, automation in all industries will help to avoid boring and time-consuming routine tasks. "I think such legal services as searching for information with keywords, comparing information will become automatic. Currently, it has been already implemented, as machines make fewer errors and provide lawyers a chance to focus on tasks with higher added value, for example, mediation, looking for a favorable solution for both parties, and similar," Kovaļēvičs concludes about changes in the legal sector.

Fighting with robots for a workplace requires complex knowledge

During the discussion, Kovaļēvičs and the CEO of Tele2 Shared Service Center Kim Leandersson agreed that working with new technologies requires complex knowledge and experience in different spheres. For example, Juro requires specialists with programming skills and knowledge of the law and artificial intelligence. Another significant skill is design thinking that involves the ability to make the product more convenient for the client. Leandersson shared suggestions of the World Economic Forum in regard to skills necessary in 2020 that would help people to compete with robots, for example, solving complex issues, critical thinking, and creativity. 

So how likely it is that your job will be replaced by robots in the nearest future? Visit this link, type your job title into the search box below to find out the likelihood that it could be automated within the next two decades.  

The future is bright, so enhance your skills and don't be afraid of lifelong learning, embrace the unknown and stay ahead of others.

Want to see the Tech Espresso yourself?Watch LIVE video