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Our market sites

Our market sites

Sep 28, 2016 9:16 AM CET

Girls and Technologies

What do you think of this combination - girls and technologies?! Not bad! But how about girls and programming? Hmm.. Now we say it’s an amazing duo!

Following various researches on labor market trends in future and current students’ interest in studying IT/STEM related subjects, Tele2 SSC is looking for ways to contribute in encouraging youth choose IT as their career path. That includes also balancing female and male representation in the industry by breaking stereotypes and encouraging young women to study IT.

This is why in the middle of September we started Tele2 Shared Service Center scholarship workshops for girls from 3rd-4th grade. Overall 100 girls have a chance to attend Learn IT programming lessons not only in Riga, but also in Kuldīga, Preiļi, Ogre and Jelgava.  Learning new stuff and basics of programming have never been this fun! Big “YAY!” to us!

The girls are eager to study something new, all they need is a chance to learn more about technologies. The aim of these lessons is to give an insight from the creative side of programming and to understand the meaning of it in our daily life. You all know how important it is to avoid unexpected bugs and other issues! Right? :)

It is necessary to open the world of programming and technologies to young kids, especially if they want to link their future to IT!  Because, who knows? Tele2 SSC is set to grow maybe in future they will be our colleagues?!