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Oct 8, 2015 8:47 AM CET

Great place to work

Do you remember the times when we had no novus tournaments, only a mediocre coffee (ewww!) and less events at work? Neither do we, thank God. Tele2 SSC’s Senate is making employees voices heard and makes the ideas come true.

Moving on
We caught up with Tatjana Riblova on yet another sunny day of late September to have a chat about SSC Senate and what it does. On September 24th, SSC Senate came together for the monthly meeting to discuss the changes in Senate, the upcoming events and progress on projects going on right now.

Tatjana has been a very active member of the Senate for two years and has decided to resign after October 1st. After recent changes in SSC organisation, she feels it is best to focus on her demanding job but there is something else. “I feel there are many active people here at SSC, willing to step up and make changes,” she adds. She hopes there will be more active members and someone new becomes the head of the Senate to shake things up a bit.

Making SSC the best place to work
So far Senate has worked on several projects with great success. Starting by organising free time events at the office and offering ideas to the Administration, it has gained recognition and respect from both HR and managers. With its work and initiative Senate has become a great help to organise annual Sports and celebratory events for SSC employees to enjoy.

Tatjana adds that Senate is not a revolutionary organisation that demands pay rise and social benefits for the employees. When starting to voluntarily work for Senate some two years ago, Tatjana wished to bring changes around the office to make employees feel welcome and able to enjoy themselves, to make this a great place to work in. Now the collaboration with Administration goes both ways with ideas shared and projects run together.

It has not been a bed of roses all the way. Some projects took years to implement and a lot of work for Senate members – like doing paperwork, taking up responsibilities and making choices for all of us. But all active members of the Senate agree that it is their passion to act for the common good and the motivation to do more grows with every successful project.

The force unseen to the eye
Right now there are about 30 members of the Senate. Not everyone is able to make it to the monthly meetings but most active members always find ways to take part. Tatjana says that for her organisation and planning comes easy because she was always taking part in events back in school and through university. She emphasizes that all talents are welcome at Senate and it is a great opportunity to gain management and organizing skills doing things that you are interested in.

Here at SSC not everyone knows what the Senate is but the great job done around here has had the word going around. People from other offices have even come to see an example of the great collaboration between employee members and management. “We are very lucky to have such support from our Administration and management,” Tatjana adds. “Sometimes the ideas are coming from HR or from Administration, they actually listen to us and help with whatever there is so lot of ideas are actually implemented in life. You don’t see that much elsewhere.”

“Of course, we don’t get paid for what we do as the part of the Senate,” Tatjana continues. “Most of us have a dynamic and demanding jobs but you know the saying – you can only do things by doing!” Looking at Tatjana, it seems that the more you have on your plate, the more you can handle!