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Our market sites

Dec 13, 2016 9:47 AM CET

Hack Day #6

During Computer Science Education Week, here in Tele2 Shared Service Center we hosted our annual event Hack Day, during which more than 50 employees joined in 12 teams outside the usual work routine to work jointly on innovative and creative ideas, thus promoting the improvements of the work environment. 

So what is Hack Day?

It is an all-day event at Tele2, where we encourage everyone to express their creativity, and contribute to dynamic and fun workplace! This is all part of Tele2's core values to always change and challenge ourselves with the aim of producing better solutions. Hack Day is an excellent opportunity to try new concepts, learn something new and work with interesting people all the while having fun.

And this time more than 50 employees joined Hack Day event to work on 12 different projects. In order to improve the wellbeing of the employees one team offered an application MyAni that by the way of a game cares for health and wellbeing of the employees; the application tracks if the user has drank enough water, has eaten healthily and has moved around a little during working hours, thus allowing the virtual animal of the application to grow bigger and stronger.

Several teams during Hack Day sought practical solutions in order to improve work environment conditions both for themselves and their colleagues. An application was developed that would help to care for the work place on a daily basis: by taking a picture and sending it through the application it is possible to report on necessary improvements in the office, for example, if the coffee-maker is out of order or an additional chair is needed in the conference room. A solution was also offered in relation to the problem of parking cars by the office windows in the mornings, and it could both save the time of employees and the fuel consumption of their cars. During the Hack Day, employees also sought technical solutions - they undertook a joint work on a rocket prototype, as well as creation of Christmas charity cards.

Employees also developed creative and innovative ideas to improve quality of services offered by Tele2 SSC by providing solutions for optimisation and automation of work, as well as saving resources. One of such solutions also received recognition from the panel and won - the project will not only be implemented in the company, but the developers of the idea will be able to learn and acquire new skills by attending conference of their own choice within the Baltic countries. 

"Hack Day is not only an opportunity to change the usual work environment, cooperate with the colleagues from other departments, and to learn something new, but it is a practical way for each employee to share their ideas and make Tele2 SSC an even better workplace for each employee. Thus, Hack Day is an event impatiently anticipated both by the employees and the panel that evaluates the submitted work," shared the General Manager of Tele2 SSC, Kim Leandersson.