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Nov 2, 2015 2:43 PM CET

Hack Day - behind the scenes

We want you on hack day!

Have a project? Make it happen!
Hack day might just be the most anticipated event here at Tele2, and it is approaching fast! We hope you will join the creativity and fun happening on November 10th. Meanwhile, let us get behind the scenes with Vilho Jonsson!

Vilho Jonsson works for Tele2 Sweden as System Specialist in Kista and has been with Hack day for quite some time. Vilho admits that the greatest motivation to take up extra tasks while organising Hack day is to see teams working on projects they are passionate about, the process itself is rewarding and uplifting! Vilho also finds himself connecting with many great colleagues through Hack day projects and encourages everyone to take part and enjoy the great spirit of Hack day – so sign up now!

Vilho agreed to spare a moment answering some questions.

When was your first Hack Day?
- My first Hack Day was Hack Day #2 in November 2014.

What have you gained from participating in Hack Day?
- I’ve gained lots of insight in how different parts of Tele2 work and what kind of problems they are facing. On top of that, I’ve also gotten to meet many interesting and very competent colleagues. In short I’ve gained knowledge and the honor of meeting many of our colleagues.

Can you recall how the idea to have such event was born?
- As I recall, it started in my old department, RTPI, in spring of 2014. The managers were going through the My Voice results from the previous fall and found that our colleagues wanted some way to try new things, have more fun and meet each other.
 At the same time Anders Candell, then manager of CTIOO, had the idea that we should do an internal hackathon. So the decision was made to organize a Hack day where we can try new concepts, have fun and do it all together.

Is it hard to keep up with all the extra tasks while organizing hack day events? It must require some extra time!
- Of course it means extra work and demands extra energy. Though it also gives so much energy to get to work with our brilliant colleagues and really let them get creative with challenges they love. Seeing that happen is very energizing.

What is the funniest story about Hack Day?
- Funniest story about Hack Day…. hmm. So far I think it would be from Hack Day #2 when the team that made the game “Shearing Frank” demonstrated it for everyone. Everyone in the room laughed. You can check it out here!

The idea you liked the best from Hack day…?
- The one I’ve liked the best so far would be…. I would actually like to say that what I’ve liked best so far is all the work that’s been done on all the ideas. It’s really great to see motivated people do creative work together.

What would you say to those still hesitating to sing up?
- If you’re still hesitating it must be because there’s some question you need answered. Talk to one of you colleagues that’ve been at a previous Hack day and let them answer your questions!
Or just send me an email or skype message and ask me, I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on Hack Day.

Your wildest dream regarding Hack Day?
- There’s two:
One - Making it happen at the same day in all Tele2 countries.
Two – Hosting a great charity Hack Day in the Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, together with Reach for Change, Universities and all the Tele2 Countries. We would work together on ideas and projects that make the world a better place for children, Open Air, Open Arms.

Creativity welcome!
Tele2 Hack Day takes place in Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Teams in Sweden and Latvia also invite students to participate and share their ideas – we encourage fresh and bold ideas that come from outside.

The next great idea might be yours! Sign up till October 30th and see you there! Find more on Hack day page.