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Our market sites

Apr 18, 2016 2:53 PM CET

Hacking the day away!

April 7th was a busy day at Tele2 – with the annual Hack Day, the office was bursting with innovative ideas, team spirit and creativity!

This year’s Hack Day took place in five countries – Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Netherlands. This was also the second time that teams in Riga were joined by students, forming a mixed teams of Tele2 SSC employees and students.

Hack Day is traditionally intended to bring out the different talents of our employees in a free environment. It has already been proven that with the aid of students, more creative ideas are brought on the table, offering a fresh look from a different perspective. It is a day not only to introduce new ideas in our office, but with so many students attending, it also allows them to get to know us better.

This year ideas were intended to improve internal communication and well-being of our employees:

  • “Corporate locker rooms” – an idea winning People’s Choice award intends to aid our most active employees – those runners, cyclists, bikers - in storing their belongings and organizing our workplace.
  • “Francis game” – also awarded with People’s Choice award – is a fun game that lets us navigate our mascot Frank through difficulties. A great way to take our mind off the work!
  • A new approach on communication was brought up with “AAA, anonymous authorization and accounting”, allowing employees to cast their votes on ongoing Senate idea discussions and suggestions with their ID badges. The idea won the Boss award.
  • The “Chair project” was a real construction wonder – a chair that shifts the usual way of working and reduces the health risks that arise from sedentary work.
  • Another approach to improve the quality of internal communication was the “Suggestion box” – a way of applying ideas, suggestions and complains in a more hi-tech way.

There is a joke going around the office that people are in the Hack Day only for the T-shirts, and this year, perhaps, it was even true. Participants were surprised by the “Cotton Twitter” – a shirt with a ‘blackboard’ on it, where you can write with chalk and express yourself…until the next wash, that is. 

See the pictures from this year’s Hack Day in Riga on Facebook

And see you in the next Hack Day!