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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jan 3, 2016 9:53 AM CET

Hungry for change? Well, hope you are!

There is always action where the people of Shared Service Center (SSC) are. While listing all the things distinctive to SSC is hard, here is what we think you should see. 

Jactitation or promise?
There is not one perfect and easy job we do here. Yet we love it and we are looking at you, young and ambitious, to come and show us what you got within you. Not to promise you it will be easy, but to let you take a plunge into international waters with endless possibilities.

To tell you a little about ourselves, we decided to let the action speak louder than words – see the SSC movie here.

Come, challenge us
Imagine what it is like to be surrounded by young and ambitious people that put their heart into everything they do. When your job becomes so much more - a place to create and a place to take action. A place where superheroes are born.

Do our superheroes wear masks? Certainly not! Come and meet them and see how you can work together to create, to build, yes, even to take things apart - but only to make something even better!

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?