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Our market sites

Our market sites

May 12, 2016 8:40 AM CET

In step with Innovation

Have you ever wondered what our everyday life would be like in some 15-20 years? With each technological evolution taking less time than the previous, it is almost impossible to predict any breakthrough that is ahead of us. 

That does not mean we cannot have wild dreams about our role in the development. With Lars Torstersson’s, Executive Vice President of New Growth & Strategy at Tele2 AB inspiring lecture on innovation, we could allow ourselves to let our imagination take the journey.

Lars visited Tele2 Shared Service Center on May 11th to chat with employees about innovation and exciting new concepts of working. Sharing the ongoing vision and concepts already in work, Lars invited us to an open discussion on how Tele2 can introduce new ideas and standards for being on top of the technological breakthrough.

The meeting was held in an informal style brunch with variety of bagels, snacks, refreshments and bits of creativity.