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Our market sites

Our market sites

Feb 1, 2016 10:38 AM CET

Make room for challenges

The year of 2016 had a busy start and promises to be an exciting one for SSC. One of the biggest and most welcome changes is “The New Building” which has already gained a certain air of fame among us.

More space for innovations

Building things is kind of what we do, and we are good at it! The New Building has literally taken us to a construction site.

With the rapid growth of SSC stuff, it was soon evident that the current building cannot provide enough room for all. Administration has taken up this challenging task in close cooperation with architects and designers to create a new space for innovations.

The building opposite the main office made an obvious choice due to its location. The project presented by the architects offers a multifunctional centre to fit the needs of more than 200 employees.

The process is well monitored by SSC’s Administration and still has many steps in the way, but we are all watching it with a close eye. Let us have a peek of the ongoing construction works so bring your helmets because – safety first!

Floors for inventions

The building has five roomy floors, which will offer working space for 220 people. The interior is planned to hold Tele2 characteristics – minimalistic and with colourful details in flooring, walls and furniture. The first plan to move some departments is in the spring of 2016.

Ground floor will be a public area. 1st floor will be filled with Controlling, Enterprise IT, Enterprise platforms & Technology, Internal Development colleagues. In the 2nd floor we will have Integration Change, Integration maintenance & support, Service Delivery Change departments. 3rd floor will belong to Business Intelligence, Prepaid Billing departments. 4th floor will have a lot of people from Finance SSC and Revenue Assurance. And last but not least is the 5th floor which will be our main gathering area as it is at least 3 times bigger than our current Big Kitchen and has 10 times greater view from the windows, not to mention the nice décor that we will have there.

Also each floor has a roomy kitchen as well as several conference rooms. The assets that are the most eye-catchy must be the large windows with broad windowsills on the 4th and 5th floor. Employees will also enjoy the comfort of the elevator.

Building is using contemporary design concepts in planning and decorating of each floor. Concrete ceiling with industrial details enforces the work atmosphere while colourful splashes add the fun side of Tele2. The pavement around the building will allow some parking space and widen the pedestrian area. The plan is to add more green zones near the new office.

There are still lots of details to cover in the reconstruction but we are looking forward to the new addition of SSC impatiently! And here are a few pictures that we want to share with you.