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Oct 19, 2016 3:33 PM CET

Missed opportunity of Latvian youth

Here in SSC we constantly challenge ourselves, our colleagues and even the industry itself. And today we took an action into our own hands and in cooperation with RTU and LIAA hosted a panel discussion: Shared Service Centers - missed opportunity of Latvian youth.

The reason for doing that is rather simple - only 29% of students know, what are Shared Service Centers. And to give you some of the background from where did we get this 29%, in spring of 2016 we have conducted a research among 857 finance, IT and language field students of higher education institutions of Latvia. The objective of this research was to clarify perception and awareness of Shared Service Centers among students that we consider as our potential candidate pool. Therefore it doesn't come as a surprise that if students are lacking knowledge about SSCs, this fact is not contributing towards students willingness or motivation of starting their careers in Shared Service Centers.

During the discussion research findings presentation was followed by academics, industry representatives and students panel discussion which was oriented towards challenging and improving the existing situation.

And if you are interested to dive deeper into the findings, here you can go over the summary of it:

    • 47% finance, IT and foreign language field students want to work or already work in Shared Services centers. This result has been significantly affected by spontaneous awareness of shared service centers – 67% of students who know Shared Service centers would like to work there.
    • Only 29% students know, what is shared service centers and that can affect attraction of employees in the future. Finance students show more knowledge about the Shared service centers, language students  – the least.
    • Currently, students are poorly aware of Shared Service centers advantages, and often seek to ascribe to them characteristics of ‘good’ workplace in general (for example, financially stable organization and provides good working conditions).
    • To promote the awareness of Shared Services centers, it is recommended not only a public communication (social media, specialized websites), but also cooperation with academics of education institutions that are an important source of information for students about the news in the field.