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Sep 22, 2015 11:49 AM CET

One day in Support Specialist’s day

You might wonder, how does an actual day goes here, at SSC? We have an answer to your question. Our own Support Specialist Arturs Kalnins is sharing a story about his responsibilites, insights in his day, teamwork and much more.

What's it like to work for Tele2 SSC?

That's an interesting question. Short answer would be unpredictable, fun, challenging. The long answer would sound too technical, diving into what tasks I do on day-to-day basis or what agile methodology our team uses.

The thing is - it's not that easy to describe a work place. I have a great team around me who supports me if necessary. We have a manager who encourages us to do something differently. Surely it is challenging.

Everything changes in the industry at fast speed, so we adapt as we move forward. Yesterday you might be a tester but next day, due to changes, you might try yourself in a role of support specialist (exactly what happened in my case). Simply put, I work as a support specialist. I support Estonian billing system and I fix problems that might occur (for instance, if customer's discount does not work for some reason, it will be me who fixes it on a technical side).

"Mainly it's fun. There is always something going on. Always a place for improvements and challenges."

Usually we start with our morning coffee. Since we are a very friendly team, we share what happened with us during the weekend, maybe plan some activities together (for instance, we went to observatory few weeks ago). After that we go to a short daily meeting, where we discuss everything that we plan to do today. Answer some unanswered questions, discuss the approach for a problem if anyone of us has one.  After that is done we start our working day. Mainly it consists of working in a close team, everyone is trying to solve the problems assigned to them, but we communicate all the time.