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Sep 23, 2015 11:58 AM CET

Running towards goals

Here at SSC challenges do not have a nine-to-five routine. Many people challenge themselves outside office walls, putting more work into new goals.

Run, Tele2, run!
There are many advantages to running. It is proved to reduce stress, maintain good health and keep you positive. It is also democratic – it can be done almost anywhere, at any time and to begin you need to invest in one thing really – a pair of good trainers.

People here at SSC see running also as a great mean to challenge themselves outside their jobs.

Not steps, but miles ahead
Jurijs Dzenis humbly calls himself a beginner after roughly 4 years into running. A challenger by nature, he keeps setting higher and higher goals. For him, that means working methodically and according to a plan – a lot like he does at his job as a Manager at Service Desk.

Jurijs took up running with some doubts. “When I just started, it was hard to image on how to make even a 5km run, since I was almost dead after

3km,” he admits. “But… from run to run it became better and better,” he adds, listing his achievements – starting with a 5K race in Nordea Riga Marathon in 2013 and doing an incredible 21km run in 2015!

“Since it is a rather big distance, I made a training calendar and read numerous articles to prepare for the big run. I cannot say that it was easy, but I did it on Lattelecom Riga Run 2015!”

To start and never stop

For Sigita Saulīte running has been a hobby for many years. She trained in athletics for 5 years while still in school but picked up other sports later - only to return to running.

The interest in resuming running was actually sparked by a work colleague who invited Sigita to join a running competition about 1.5 years ago. Once started, she hasn’t stopped since.

Now, it is a way to loosen up after the sedentary job. For Sigita it is a way to prove what she can to herself mostly, and a way to challenge herself. “Also it is fun and gives an opportunity to meet new people,” she adds, giving something to look forward to for those only considering running as a sport.

Really, here at SSC running is a rather popular activity. Colleagues are ready to organize teams to represent Tele2 at various competitions and do common trainings.

Challenge yourself
For someone who has picked up running whole three times with various results, I myself find it hardest to maintain the habit. For those just starting out, Jurijs suggests to read some articles on the web about the proper running techniques and tips.

"Have a workout twice a week for some small distance. Then increase it and go further and further"

To make it about challenge, Jurijs likes to set targets to reach, even if it is something small at first.

Sigita finds it best to see this not as a torture but rather as a fun: “Run for fun and with smile”. Just never stop moving forward!