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Our market sites

Dec 13, 2016 10:36 AM CET

Santa's Fun Run

This year before Christmas Tele2 Shared Service decided to become part of something special, something that could help the ones who need support the most and bring the joyful happiness to their homes too. 

On December 11th, 25 challengers from our community joined the Santa's Fun Run to support this great initiative!

In coperation with Riga International Rotary club, Tele2 SSC sponsored a charity event Santa's Fun Run to help raise funds for giving children the opportunity to attend rehabilitation course with a special robotic gait trainer G-EO System that allows to train not only a flat surface, but also mimic climbing stairs.

Santa's Fun Run goal was to raise 10 000 EUR to support the children with movement disorders, and this year event attracted more than 1000 participants and collected 13 000 EUR!!! The run was filled with good emotions, attended by hundreds of delighted participants - energetic families, attractive business teams, as well as individual participants - all dressed in Santa Claus costumes.