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Our market sites

Jan 15, 2018 12:16 PM CET

Tele2 SSC Annual Awards

2017 was a great year for all of us. Together we achieved a dozen milestones, had loads of laugh and made Tele2 SSC a greater place to work. We constantly battled ourselves, walked extra miles and challenged everything and everyone around. And now the time has come to take a look back at what has been done and reward the ones who deserved it the most.

Every year we nominate our colleagues for Tele2 SSC Value Awards and reward them for all their hard work. 


The CHALLENGE nomination stands for courage. For the courageous people who take decisions, others do not dare to. For those who always act as challengers. This nomination represents a winning attitude and never giving up. The challengers are proud of their achievements but never satisfied. The winner of this nomination challenges the impossible. 

Effective and hardworking, with great abilities to find and grasp even the slightest opportunity and turn it into the major win – a true challenger and explorer as a professional. At the same time, a very pleasant and cheerful personality – always shares a smile, is patient, calm and easy to work with. Always tries to find simple solutions for complicated tasks, provides different approaches and understands what she is doing. Her can-do attitude has saved the test team from problems day in and day out. She is an integral part of our team that challenges us to be better and more efficient at our jobs. Her energy, knowledge, and ambition motivate all team members. It took her less than a year to build VIOLA frontend interface from the scratch without any knowledge of coding, walking extra miles by working so many late nights that it is hard to count. Once asked: "What motivated you to start this project?", she just humbly answered: "I was fed up with Test Harness!" – and I thought to myself "this is a real Challenger's answer!". In many ways exceeding the challenging requirements and expectations for the award, the winner's ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments make her highly deserving of the honor and opportunity bestowed by the Challenge Value Award. 

The winner of the CHALLENGE nomination 2017 is: OLGA ČMIHUNA


The ACTION nomination means providing the solution. ACTION people take initiative. They execute and stick to deadlines. They stay in control. It doesn't mean there is no place for mistakes, on the contrary, it is OK to make mistakes - as long as you make sure you learn from them and ACTION people always do. ACTION nomination also stands for fun, because it is important to have fun and celebrate your victories.

 Takes best actions to fulfill never-ending business needs and never stops fighting for delivering NLD release at a time. If there is something not being done or done in a wrong way, he will come to the rescue. He will not sit and wait for problems to disappear. His high sense of responsibility leads to achieved goals. He has proved that being proactive can make more things happen and, of course, make the customers very happy.

The winner of the ACTION nomination 2017 is: SERGEJS TIMOFEJEVS


Being FLEXIBLE means that we always listen to the customer and execute, and react quickly. The person who is FLEXIBLE believes that fewer are quicker. FLEXIBLE nomination stands for change, it means that structure is good, but we hate bureaucracy, therefore we always find a flexible way.

This year's FLEXIBLE nomination winner is known for always finding time to help colleagues even if she has a lot of work to do herself. She quickly adapts to any change and embraces it.

The winner of the FLEXIBLE nomination 2017 is: VĒSMA LAICĀNE 


​​The QUALITY nomination is about consistency in maintaining the high quality of goods and services. QUALITY people know that you do not need to change what is working well. We can copy with pride as we don't believe in no fancy extras. Simple is quality. This nomination stands for the comprehensive understanding of quality, that internal quality is as important as external, and we never compromise expected quality.

The winner of this category is always focused on quality. Has clear, transparent and optimum procedures for all tasks. Always challenges the quality of releases from supplier side and always searches for improvements. Has never stopped in making systems more stable and customer friendly. Now we have full redundancy for all systems providing 99.95% availability of the services. He is always in contact with his customers listening to their needs and providing best possible time to market.

 The winner of the QUALITY nomination 2017 is: JEVGEŅIJS KRASNOJARSKIS 


The COST CONSCIOUS nomination stands for challenging ALL costs and making smart investments. The COST CONSCIOUS people know that standardization keeps costs down. COST CONSCIOUS is a way of thinking that ensures that we always have the lowest costs and can provide the best price. And that is very essential.

The winner of this category always has ideas that have the lowest cost and the greatest benefit. Smart in planning, managing and directing Siebel Support team resources. He always comes up with new ideas in optimization and effectiveness and HIS ideas make working processes better.

The winner of the COST CONSCIOUS nomination 2017 is: ARMANDS ABRICKIS 


The OPEN nomination stands for straight and honest communication. OPEN people help out where and when needed. They share their experience, ability, and knowledge. Being OPEN means being humble – no prestige. It means that we make ourselves available and return calls the same day.

The person winning this category is ready to help in any situation to anyone in our organization. Always walking the extra mile to keep everyone happy and provide the best service ever. A very team-oriented person but always is ready share knowledge and experience with all interested persons. Always honest and helpful and a good teacher. Her motto is "More questions – more answers". If that's not an OPEN person's moto then I don't know what is.

 The winner of the OPEN nomination 2017 is: VITA MEĻŅIKA


The employee of the year is someone who stands out and could be a winner in multiple categories. The employee of the year acts as a role model in both performance and as a person.

The Employee of the year 2017 is proactive and reactive, takes a right decision whenever it's needed. Knows to whom to contact and how to push the work to be done faster than it's expected before. Always tries to bring up discussions about upcoming tasks & projects so we don't hit the wall and meet expectations by being open and straightforward. Adapts really fast when some changes are introduced and always challenges himself and people around him to do more, do it better and become greater in every possible way. If something needs to be done, he will find a way how to do it with reasonable quality, quickly and within the budget. His experience in projects helps to solve issues on the organization level. He is always available and open if his assistance, knowledge or help is needed for any questions. And he is always honest, if you want to know the truth, go to him. 

Employee of the year 2017 is: ILMĀRS PAROLS