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Our market sites

Nov 27, 2015 12:32 PM CET

Tele2 SSC Brunch

SSC gets visited by 50 students following Career Day invitations!

Just before The Knowledge Week SSC team held a brunch with the brightest minds of Latvian universities.

Continuing the career day
On October 15th SSC took part in the annual LU career day, challenging the young and the beautiful to explore exciting world of technology. During the exciting day our experts met lots of promising new professionals, many of whom were invited to visit the premises of SSC on November 2nd.

Read more on how we did at LU Career day here.

Brunch and fun
Event took place at Yellow room on November 2nd, gathering some 50 students to spend the day at SSC. It was aimed to allow students see the importance of support provided by SSC in a positive and engaging way, showing that quality and responsibility go hand in hand with positive communication and fun.

To break the ice, everyone was first invited to join a team and tell about themselves. Teams were selected the only reasonable way – by letting everyone choose a candy of their preference and later meeting other people of the same taste. It was later decided that taste preferences also unite like-minded people.

And what would a brunch be like without various snacks and delicacies provided to our guests! Everyone enjoyed a refreshing bite while chatting up and interacting. The fun atmosphere remained for all the event.

Experts as stars
Meeting allowed students having an introduction to SSC, meet our experts and get to know a bit more on the shared service as organisation.

Team introduction was followed by Kim Leanderson introducing attendees with Tele2 expansion across Europe and SSC supporting this on technical and knowledge-sharing level. Providing an insight why shared service centres are a growing field on the business map in the world, it showed opportunities in the future.

Later on our experts took the listeners through their typical day at their held position and answered questions. Arvids Jegers from NOC spoke about the usually unseen part of the everyday work, later taking students to tour and look around. This was appreciated by plenty of questions coming from different corners of the room.

Students were knowledgable, mostly having IT, computing or technical education background. Their inquires covered a wide range of fields and our experts were more than happy to show and tell!