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Our market sites

Feb 1, 2018 10:00 PM CET

Top CSR initiative of the Year

At the 6th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards - held 1st February in Warsaw - 25 companies were distinguished for their excellence within the Shared Services and Outsourcing sector of Central Eastern Europe. More than 300 top executives from 67 Shared Services companies attended, from 23 countries. In a tough competition among world-class firms, the VIP Jury awarded Tele2 SSC the first- place for Top CSR initiative of the year.

Since 2016, one of main contribution of Tele2 SSC is to encourage young women to take action and consider to study or work in ICT field, to break the stereotypes which exist in society about the work in ICT field, to show the creative side of the IT and to increase the general interest in IT industry. We are proud of the fact that during 2016/2017 we have been able to provide coding workshops/ lessons to around 2566 people (children and teachers) in Latvia. 

Girls in IT research findings have revealed that only 6% of citizens of Latvia think that IT is more suitable for women than men. In their opinion, more suitable professions for women are in finance, accounting, medicine, and pharmacology. Also, society admits that the biggest barrier for women working in the IT is the existing stereotypes – men and people from the countryside were the most skeptical one. These and other findings from the survey were communicated on media before the event to raise awareness of the topic in society: goo.gl/nk9Caf 

Top CSR initiative of the year award is a great accomplishment and a proof that we should only move forward with encouraging gender balance in the tech community.