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Our market sites

Sep 30, 2015 1:48 PM CET

Travelers on the Tele2 Way

The pace at which we are operating is fast enough to get our heads spinning. To be able to keep a focus, we need something stronger than rules that is still relatable to all of us. The values we share.

We are what we make of it
One of the best ways to promote a certain image of the company is advertising, which creates recognition and helps in sales. Yet, there is something far more important to distinguish the company amongst competitors, also serving to rally up like-minded people who share the same passions.


SSC core values – Challenge, Action, Open, Quality, Cost Consciousness and Flexibility – are well known but would be just a string of pretty names if we were not living by them.

Recently HR department started a short training programme for employees, focusing on corporate values and how we experience them every day. The training is to continue with new groups of people to build a common understanding of these values and implementing them in our work.


Too many or too few?
Looking back at our history as a company, there is a name we have to mention and that is Jan Stenbeck. Being a true challenger himself, he took the Swedish business world by surprise and was one of the first to create a set of corporate values – more than 40 years ago –that we all recognize still today. We may joke that it is a part of a DNA of all Tele2 employees already but back then it was a completely new concept. These core values, changing very little over the years, are what have shaped Tele2 and SSC into what we see today.


Here at Tele2 many of the corporate values have grown on us already. It was well demonstrated at one of the recent Tele2Way trainings held on September 17th. When attendees were asked to list the values important to them on a personal level, the same keywords popped from every corner – honesty, quality and keeping up with the change. Those are reflections of Open, Quality and Challenge.


Now, living by such a high number of values, all of them being equally important, might seem as a challenge itself. Judging by the examples brought up by colleagues, it seemed that it’s natural. When asked to pick just one, many were confused. The set of values can be well assembled into one principle representing all at once – the Tele2 Way.

This reflects a common belief that values can also serve as a recruiting tool for company. Like-minded people cooperate with ease to reach common goals and gather at the same places – like travellers, taking the same route. Now, who would you rather pick as a travel companion on your way?


Pocketful of lessons
Here at SSC we find it difficult picking just one of the values since that means abandoning the rest. This is not something we do.

For us, Challenge is in the way we learn every day, picking something up from a scratch or finding a solution where there seems none. Being Open means we are here to cooperate, always ready for whatever to come. By keeping our ways Cost Conscious we have stated our priorities, bringing the best technologies to our customers at the best price. Our Quality – inner and outer – meets the standards of the most demanding ones out there, ourselves included. We are not afraid of meteorites and any other changes the future holds for us because we know – together we can overcome obstacles and, even when fallen, spring back on our feet, only wiser.