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Our market sites

Our market sites

Oct 26, 2015 12:52 PM CET


On October 7th Tele2 Latvia celebrated its 15th anniversary. A lot has changed during this time, but some things have remained – staying true to our values and becoming one of the most popular mobile operators in
Latvia. Our customers value the great service for less, even abroad.

Challenges continue
With such tight competition in the market, challenges follow us every step on our way. Customers demand high quality services for less and less,
and their brand loyalty is distorted by low-price hunters. With price being a very sensitive argument in competition over customers, Tele2 has always seen the need of offering services with added value. 

With massive expansion of 4G in 2015, Tele2 has set a high bar for quality services at low prices. Latvian customers are one of the luckiest in the world to enjoy fast data transfer via mobile devices everywhere they go and with roaming products – even abroad. With mobile data usage constantly growing, including the data usage abroad, it is a challenge of its own to offer products and services that will meet customer needs.

The number of countries offering LTE coverage for our roamers is constantly growing, and the stopping of that is nowhere in sight.
Meanwhile, our subscribers enjoy the connections already established and are using services abroad without a worry – great products and price allowing everyone to stay in touch while on a business trip or on holiday. So far Tele2 Latvia customers have sent over 8 million (!) short messages (SMS) proving that it is important to stay in touch at all times.

By introducing Data buckets for usage while roaming was a huge step in encouraging customers to be more mobile and flexible when it comes to communication. The strategy has been a success since the amount of data used in roaming networks has grown approximately six times in the last 5 years. More and more people feel it is better to say hello from abroad with a colourful selfie than a simple SMS saying “Hello!”. And we keep encouraging to transfer good emotions and memories with fast connection available to everyone.

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