Trainee Program

Tele2 Global Executive Trainee Program

Do you have a sharp mind and a pair of running shoes? Then keep reading.

Anybody who thinks you have to start at the bottom to get to the top has clearly not heard about us. Each year we select the very best trainee candidates and pair them up with a member of our Leadership Team. Then they spend twelve months assisting and learning from a top executive in a fast moving international environment. After this, the sharpest minds begin their executive careers at Tele2 or another fast moving Kinnevik company. Are you still reading?

Good – we’re currently looking for trainees to the following Leadership Team members:

  • Group CEO

  • Group COO 

  • Group EVP New Growth & Strategy 

  • CEO Sweden

The Executive Trainees will be recruited and located in Stockholm.

Point of contact for more detailed information:

Group CEO Trainee


  • The role is a school in corporate governance with very good insight into how an organization is managed, the mechanisms affecting which directions the company is moving in and a unique way to get a good network within Tele2 and ‘Our Group’.

Recurring work for the Group CEO

  • Ongoing work with CEO including preparations of presentation material for a range of purposes, monthly meetings and logistics of meetings.
  • Responsibility of presentation material to analysts and investors during quarterly reporting and supporting the arrangement of Capital Market Days.
  • Responsibility of compiling own and securing quality of others’ material for Board Meetings and Leadership Team meetings, write protocol and take care of logistics.
  • Project management of management conferences that CEO is the owner of.
  • Project management of the Tele2 Annual General Meeting.

 Recurring work for others

  • Support the Group CFO with monthly and quarterly meetings as well as ad-hoc tasks.
  • Support the Group EVP New Growth & Strategy (Lars Torstensson) on issues related to Investor Relations, Governmental Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Responsibility (i.e. all communication that is not marketing related).

Group COO Trainee


  • As COO, Niklas Sonkin is responsible for the newly established Shared Operations function, which combines scalable activities of Network, IT, commercial services and finance operations for all 9 markets. 
  • By bringing together these activities under one organization, Shared Operations delivers efficiency and the right tools for the countries to fully optimize operations.
  • If you are interested in understanding how to implement a company’s strategic objectives and are looking for an opportunity to expand your international experience, this is the right role for you.
  • As one of the worlds most advanced 4G operators, you will have an opportunity to understand the foundations of a telecom operator and be a part of leading the way for the entire industry.

Recurring work

  • Travel to all Tele2 countries for meetings.
  • Be involved in the Shared Operations strategy process.  
  • Collect, compile and create information and presentation material for various meetings (investment meetings, external presentations, board meetings etc.).
  • Be a part of different priority projects (e.g. logistics for one of the world’s largest telecom conferences in Barcelona).
  • Compile monthly reports for Group CEO and the board for the Shared Operations organization.
  • Project manager for all Shared Operations conferences, team meetings and key events.

Group EVP New Growth & Strategy Trainee


  • Lars is the Executive Vice President for New Growth & Strategy for Tele2 on a central level, i.e. for all 9 markets
  • Lars is mainly in charge of Strategy, Communications, IoT and New Growth areas
  • This is the right role for you if you are interested in exploring new growth engines and aim to acquire a broad understanding of the strategic direction of all 9 markets within Tele2 Group

Recurring work

  • Prepare input and presentation material for Lars to the Leadership Team meetings (monthly) and board meetings (quarterly)
  • Produce material and plan meetings for Lars and his team (monthly)
  • Heavy involvement in the strategy process
  • Attend meetings in various areas, mostly focused on strategy, communications and new growth areas
  • Hands-on engagement in various strategic projects 

CEO Sweden Trainee


  • Tele2 Sweden is the largest country within the Tele2 Group with ~50% of the total net sales.
  • The role is a great school in corporate governance and gives you a very good insight into how a large organization is managed. Also, you get a unique network in the Swedish and Group organization, which is very beneficial for your future career.
  • This role is closer to operational activities than the other trainee roles.

Recurring work

  • Assisting the CEO in daily operations, preparations of presentation material for a range of purposes, monthly meetings and logistics of meetings etc.
  • Responsibility of presentation material to analysts and investors on behalf of Sweden.
  • Responsibility of compiling and analyzing Sweden’s material to board meetings, the Swedish Management Team Meetings, taking protocol and taking care of logistics.
  • Assisting in Sweden’s strategy process.
  • Be part of many different projects and strategic outline of various events. Also possible to be part of bigger projects during the spring.
  • Handle customer issues that come to Thomas Ekman/Allison Kirkby

The application window opens December 1, and closes January 6, don’t miss it!

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