Tele2's Capital Markets Day 2012

Ever since its creation in 1993, Tele2 has been a tough challenger to the former government monopolies and other established providers. Today, we continue to challenge the industry by taking a stand to embrace change, while others still resist it. Major changes, such as the switch from voice to data, are not easy to tackle but also present many new opportunities for those operators that are ready to add true value. In that context, we must remember that Tele2 has two great unique selling points: our network and our customer relations, at a time when customer expectations on service are constantly increasing. These are areas where we need to excel to keep being successful in the future.


Agenda, December 12        Venue: Myntkabinettet, Slottsbacken 6

CEO introductory remarks

12.12-12.25 CET

Mats Granryd

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tele2's view on the Industry

12.25 - 12.45 CET

Roxanna Zea

Chief Strategy Officer

Tele2's strategy

12.45 - 13.40 CET

Mats Granryd

President and Chief Executive Officer

Market Area Nordic

14.00 - 14:45 CET

Thomas Ekman

Market Area Director Nordic

Market Area Russia

14.55 - 15.40 CET

 Svetlana Skvortsova   Inessa Galaktionova

Strategy Director         Chief Commercial Officer
Tele2 Russia               Tele2 Russia

Market Area Central Europe and Eurasia

16.00 - 16.45 CET

Niklas Sonkin

Market Area Director Central Europe and Eurasia

CEO final remarks and Q&A

16.45 - 17.20 CET

Mats Granryd

President and Chief Executive Officer

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