Reclassification of Shares

Class A shareholder have the right to reclassify their holding of Class A shares into Class B shares. Section 5 of Tele2’s Articles of Association includes a so called re-classification provison as follows:

It shall be possible to reclassify Class A shares to Class B shares. Holders of Class A shares shall, during the calendar months January and July each year (the “Reclassification periods”), be entitled to request that all or part of the shareholder’s Class A shares shall be reclassified to Class B shares. The request shall be made in writing and must have been received by the Board of Directors no later than on the last day of the specific Reclassification period. The request shall state

(i) the number of Class A shares that the shareholder wants to reclassify or

(ii) the maximum percentage of the total number of votes in the Company, that the shareholder wants to hold, after reclassification has been completed of all Class A shares requested to be reclassified during the specific Reclassification period.

When making a request according to alternative (ii) above, the shareholder shall also state the total number of Class A and Class B shares that the shareholder holds at the time of the request.

By the end of each Reclassification period, the Board of Directors shall consider the question of reclassification. Immediately thereafter, the Board of Directors shall report the reclassification to the Swedish Companies Register (Sw. Bolagsverket) for registration. The reclassification is effected when it has been registered and the reclassification been noted in the CSD Register.

The application form for the reclassification may be downloaded here.
Form for reclassification of class A shares