At Tele2, we strive to implement Corporate Responsibility throughout the entire organisation and in all products and services, thus making it part of everyday business. Successful governance of Tele2’s CR work is based on a clear division of responsibilities and mandates.

The Board of Directors is the highest governing body responsible for Tele2’s CR performance. In 2016, the Board of Directors appointed Board Member, Mike Parton, the specific responsibility to head Tele2’s strategic CR work. The highest operational body responsible for the Company’s CR work is the Leadership Team. The Head of CR, Marie Baumgarts, is responsible for coordinating the CR work within Tele2, including proposing overarching strategies and policies, developing focus areas, goals and pertaining action plans, following up the performance and presenting the results to the Leadership Team. Each division within Tele2 is responsible for implementing the action plan in order to reach set goals and reporting the results to the National CR Country Managers and/or to the Head of CR. Thus enabling each Tele2 employee to contribute to the overarching goals in their every day work.

CR Advisory Group

The CR Advisory Group was introduced by the Board of Directors in the beginning of 2011 to support the Board on Corporate Responsibility topics. The group consists of two Board members: Mike Parton and Sofia Arhall Bergendorff. Allison Kirkby, Tele2’s CEO, is affiliated to the CR Advisory Group together with Caroline Fellenius-Omnell, Group General Counsel and Marie Baumgarts, Head of CR and Carla Smits-Nusteling. The CR Advisory Group meets once every quarter.  

Board meetings & CR

Since 2012, we are reporting the progress we make on our CR work through a CR Update appendix to each Board meeting. By that we make sure that we have a clear and concise communication and that we provide our Board with both requested information on work in progress as well as giving them heads ups for upcoming guidelines, demands and other concerns of interest during the year. Also, with this communication we are fulfilling one of Kinnevik's ambitious CR Governance requirements.

General Shareholders' Meetings

All shareholders, including minorities, can exercise their voting rights at the highest decision making body, the Annual General Meeting. During the AGM, the shareholders elect the Board of Directors, the auditors and vote on other key issues presented by the Board. The AGM also provides all shareholders with an opportunity to express their opinions in regards to Tele2’s CR work.

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