Doing business in Kazakhstan

There is no substitute for hard work

At Tele2, we work hard at being a “Responsible Challenger”.

 With this in mind we always aim to be on top of CR matters that are relevant and important to our most important stakeholders. Telco operators have come under significant scrutiny over their operations in the Eurasian region during the past year. And so, in January 2015, Tele2 proactively presented a White Paper on its operations in Kazakhstan to increase transparency on how we have done and still do ethical business in that market. As part of this White Paper, Tele2 shared findings from third party investigations by two independent firms.

The investigations for the White Paper and the later performed Due Diligence associated with the intended merger of Tele2’s operations in Kazakhstan with Kazakhtelecom’s mobile operations, identified that there are some risk factors for Tele2 in Kazakhstan such as, for example, human rights risks, ownership related risks and risks for corruption. Therefore, Tele2 will continuously monitor, evaluate and work to mitigate those risks in order to live up to its “Responsible Challenger” ambitions and commitments. For additional information please refer to the CR report and the White Paper on Tele2’s website In addition a CR Memo has been developed and published. The CR Memo is a complementary follow up on the White Paper.

CR Memo on Joint Venture in Kazakhstan

Tele2 White Paper Kazakhstan