Tele2’s Tax Policy: Key Messages & Position

Tele2 has developed a tax policy which is an internal document. The policy, and an accompanied QA session, was presented for ESG-investors at a Roundtable in December 2014. If there are other interested stakeholders, except for the roundtable participants, they are welcome to contact the Head of CR for more information.

The key messages and position, from the policy, are presented below in short:

  • We shall give a fair tax contribution to the development of the countries in which we operates
  • Taxes shall be paid where Tele2’s group companies’ business activities takes place
  • Tele2 shall not misuse tax havens* or complex company structures for tax benefits
  • Taxes should be commercially motivated
  • On a scale ranging from low risk to high risk Tele2’s tax planning should not exceed low risk

*Why is Tele2 established in Luxembourg?

Tele2 has existed in Luxembourg since 1993 and have run telecom operations there in the past. Tele2 also owned its South- and Central European footprint through Luxembourg, which was divested 2006 - 2008. Tele2 still owns its German and Austrian telecom operations through Luxembourg. Since many years Tele2 run part of its treasury operation from Luxembourg. The main reason for us existing there are out of historical reasons. However, Tele2 continuously works to control the tax cost as all other costs. We have a responsibility to our shareholders and customers to minimize all costs and strive to control our tax burden.