Blocking of child sexual abuse images

Tele2’s Code of Conduct states that we are particularly careful in protecting the safety of children and young adults in the regard of child sexual abuse images (CSAI) content. Taking a stand against CSAI content and blocking such content is an important part of our sustainability and we want to do what we can in order to reduce further propagation of illegal content relating to such abuse.

Identified CSAI content shall as a first measure always be removed from the internet. This is the duty of legal authorities, the police and Interpol. However, in some instances removal of CSAI is not possible since the content is located outside the jurisdiction of responsible authorizes. In these situations blocking CSAI content may be used.

Tele2 is closely cooperating with Interpol and in some instances national police in order to prevent access to CSAI content. Interpol and local judicial authorities identify the material containing CSAI and provide Tele2 with blocking lists. Tele2 is blocking CSAI in all ten countries where we operate.

It has shown that sites containing CSAI are entered into by accident. By introducing a blocking system Tele2 will ensure that such misfortune does not take place. The blocking tool will also prevent the material from being easily accessible on the Internet. Blocking identified CSAI content is something we feel very strongly about, and in this instance blocking is the right step to take.