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Tele2 and Reach for Change improving lives for children

Together with the other companies of the Kinnevik Group, Tele2 has founded the Reach for Change foundation. Reach for Change finds and supports Change Leaders – individuals with groundbreaking ideas that improve lives for children. Through Reach for Change and the founding partners, they receive salary funding, access to expertise and a global network to develop their ideas.

Reach for Change was launched in Sweden in 2010, and since then the organization has grown to improve lives for children in 17 countries all over the world.

Here are some of the things that were achieved during 2014:

  • 489 000 children were helped to live healthier lives.
  • 72 000 children received improved access to education.
  • 54 000 children from marginalized groups were helped to participate in society on more equal terms.
  • Reach for Change launched initiatives for children in seven new countries.
  • Reach for Change doubled the number of social entrepreneurs supported.
  • 89 % of the social entrepreneurs expanded geographically.

You can read more about what Reach for Change, with partly the help from Tele2, has accomplished on


“With Reach for Change, we bring together entrepreneurs who achieve social change and business-driven employees within the Kinnevik Group. We help to create sustainable businesses; but most importantly, we help to create a better world for our children. And that is really fantastic”, says Mats Granryd, CEO Tele2

Leading the way in Kazakhstan

In May 2013, Reach for Change launched it’s program in Kazakhstan in close collaboration with Tele2 Kazakhstan. This has been widely recognized as a groundbreaking initiative, and a cutting edge example of  business and social sector collaboration for positive development.

"We are inspired by Reach for Change, and we encourage all the businesses to follow the example of Tele2 and become more socially active", commented the Vice Mayor of Almaty at a round table talk in April 2013.

As part of leading the way towards a more modern and responsible approach to CSR in Kazakhstan, Reach for Change and Tele2 has initiatied the forming of a Kazakhstan Social Business Charter. Also, during the fall of 2013, Tele2 and Reach for Change have been announced as main speakers and/or intellectual partner in several major business and social sector events, among others the Kazakhstan Civil Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Week and Kazakhstan CSR Week.

For further information regarding Reach for Change, please click here