Customer integrity and data protection

Tele2 takes our customers privacy seriously

For Tele2 Data protection is important. Tele2 is therefore highly involved in EU’s upcoming revision of the current Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). The current data protection legislation has provided a good level of protection for European consumers over the last 15 years however new digital services and technologies has lead new privacy risks why there is a need for an updated legislation.

In order to create consistent high privacy protection for our end users across EU we are working for having one set of rules for all member states– this can be achieved with a regulation rather than a directive. We also want to ensure that the level of protection is equally high regardless of what type of sector provides a service or if the service provider is a European company based within EU or not. Anyone offering services to our customers shall obey to the same set of rules, providing a sufficient level of privacy safeguard.

Tele2 has prepared a position paper which outlines our standpoint regarding all important new aspects of Data Protection rules.

Please click here to view the Data Protection Position Paper
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