Electro Magnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields are constantly present, for example around electric devices such as mobile phones. Mobile phones transmit radio waves and create electromagnetic fields as they communicate with base stations. The strength of the radio wave depends on the specific mobile phone, as well as its distance to the base station.

Wireless technologies are used for both phones and networks. The common denominator to all wireless technologies is that they send a weak signal, which decreases with distance. The stronger the electricity, the stronger the electromagnetic field; as soon as the electrical device is turned off, so is the electromagnetic field.

Ensuring product and service safety is important to Tele2. We follow both Swedish and internationally accepted guidelines and norms within the area of electromagnetic fields. Hence the company follows the recommendation of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SRSA), the EU’s recommendation 1999/519/EG with the complementary Guidelines of The International Commission for Non-­Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization). Tele2 also measures, on a regular basis, the radio wave signals emitted in the networks to ensure that the accepted guidelines and norms are met. On average, the radio wave signal is 100 to a 1,000 times lower than the limit value.

The SRSA estimates that there are no adverse health risks of exposure from base stations for mobile telephony, wireless networking or similar transmitters. Research from the World Health Organization led the SRSA to confirm that heavy use of mobile phones can potentially affect the risk of cancer but it is not considered likely. Pending further knowledge, the SRSA advocates some caution in the use of mobile phones, such as the use of hands-free devices. The SRSA also highlights that some uncertainties remain about the long term health risks for children and their use of mobile phones. 

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