Our Environment

Everyone else is running around trying to save the planet. We're busy providing a smarter part of the solution.

Here, we've put a number on our negative impact

At Tele2 we’re deadly serious about climate change. So when we look at our environmental impact we tend to be self critical. Let’s take 2014, when our organisation of 7,000 people and several hundred base stations caused a total of 84,451 tons of greenhouse emissions. It sounds like a big number doesn’t it? Which is exactly why we think carefully about where we buy our electricity, the type of fuel that heats our offices, the way the materials we consume are produced, the way our employees and suppliers move around, and the way our waste is managed. Needless to say, we’re doing what we can to leave a smaller footprint.

Now you try putting a number on our positive impact

To measure our positive impact on the environment is almost impossible, and it’s not going to get any easier. By giving you the freedom to communicate voice and data in real time brings countless opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment. It enables you to make better decisions, helping you avoid unnecessary journeys, helping you find more efficient ways to eat, sleep, work, learn and have fun. And there are 16 million of you using our services. Try to do the mathematics on that if you can.

The IoT equation

Then we have the communication between machines. Not just snack dispensers or home appliances, but trains, trucks, factories, security systems – you name it. We’re just beginning to understand how communication can make them more efficient. Take the new generation of electric vehicles: how will power companies be able to measure and get payed for their electricity in the new infrastructure? Well, quite possibly with an Internet of Things solution from Tele2.

Once again, we’re doing what we can to keep our emissions to a minimum. But we hope you can see the bigger picture. One where the moderate carbon footprint of our organisation is offset many times over by what our services do to the carbon footprints of both individuals and society at large.

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