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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jan 8, 2014 1:34 PM CET

2014 Annual Plan

Despite the Christmas Holidays business is constantly ongoing and tomorrow (9 Jan) it is time to, internally, present and discuss the 2014 annual plan for CR. All stakeholders are welcome to contribute during the year either through organised stakeholder dialogue channels or through contacting me directly. Tele2 has hosted one open dialogue event - the CR CMD in April - and one round table for investors during fall.

D-vitamins for January

For all reporting junkies out there we are pleased to inform that we will go for the GRI's G4 for the 2013 report. Is it working well and what do we think of the new guidelines? The difference is not so substantial as it was from G2 to G3. Having used all GRI processes even before, with G3, the G4 transformation is not so heavy, we think. Still, as always with reporting, it is a process going on the full year where we are now in the wrap up phase. The result will be published in March as last year.

Hot topic

Behind the scene several investors have spoken about an increased focus on tax planning and transparency. This subject matter is one GRI indicator, EC1, and we received very positive feedback last year when being rated second best in Sweden, when it comes to transparency, by Transparency International Sweden. See TI's report from 2013 here.